Burn Tips:

WARNING: Failure to follow safe cadle-burning guidelines could result in injury and/or property damage.

  • Always burn candle in full view.

  • Always burn your candle in an appropriate holder, or on a heat resistant surface and out of reach of children and pets.

  • Keep wicks centered while burning and trimmed to " to 1/8" long.

  • Avoid burning candles in drafts. Drafts may cause cadles to smokeand burn unevenly. If smoking occurs: extinguish flame, trim wick,remove trimmings and relight.

  • Containers may become hot. Do not allow flame to touch sides of theglass. Do not use chipped or cracked glass jars. Discontinue glass jaruse when " of wax is left to prevent overheating of the glasscontainer.

  • Use care and caution when extinguishing the flame.

  • Burn candle 3-4 hours at a times, or until wax liquefies to thesides of the jar, to minimize wax buildup. It is normal for some wax tobe left, the amount varying per color, fragrance and burning conditions.

  • Keep candles out fo direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays cause discoloration.